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Monday, January 23, 2012

google earth shortcut keys for mac

general key command (3d viewer navigation)

google earth shortcut keys for mac, google earth shortcut keys command for mac,
up arrow ===== progress/goto up
down arrow ===== progress/goto down
left arrow ===== progress/goto left
right arrow ===== progress/goto right
shift + left arrow ===== turn around clockwise
shift + right arrow ===== clockwise turn around counter
shift + left mouse button + drag down, shift + down arrow ===== tilt/angle up
cmd + m ===== show/hide overview window
shift + left mouse button + drag up, shift + up arrow ===== tilt/angle down
cmd + left mouse button + drag ===== view/look
scroll wheel, + key, page up key ===== zoom in
spacebar ===== stop current motion
scroll wheel, key (both num pad and keyboard ), page down key ===== zoom out
right mouse button + drag up/down    zoom + automatic tilt
n ===== reset view/display to north up
u ===== reset tilt/angle to top down
r ===== reset tilt/angle and default compass view/display