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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

blackberry shortcut keys

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general key command_1 (basic)

escape ===== exit/stop screen
alt + escape ===== application/programs switching
space ===== select/check box clear
roll and trackball scroll horizontally ===== (any field) enter/edit/view text
roll and trackball vertically scroll vertically ===== (change options) go to/change different fields
end ===== home screen open/return

general key command_2 (message)

enter/space bar ===== scrolling down a page/screen
alt + enter ===== scrolling back a page/screen
b ===== page/list scrolling bottom
t ===== page/list scrolling top
u ===== jump/skip closest unread message (a list)
n ===== jump/skip next message
p ===== jump/skip previous message
backspace/delete ===== delete (type/message)
r ===== message reply
l ===== reply all
f ===== message forward
shift + scroll the trackball ===== select (highlight) text
shift + scroll the trackball ===== entire/all lines select
shift ===== start/begin selecting by character again
alt + trackball ===== release/free trackball
alt ===== anytime start/begin selecting by character
menu + trackball down ===== select entire/all line
menu + again trackball down ===== copy
trackball & select cut/copy ===== paste

general key command_3 (phone shortcuts)

send ===== answer/respond a call
send (any screen) ===== call log display/view
typing a phone number &  hold the letter o ===== insert/add a (+) plus symbol/sign
alt + x ===== an extension number add
press any key to assign then + phone number ===== speed dial number key
alt + letter ===== type a letter when in a phone number field
space ===== move to the top screen
escape + ok ===== stay in a return & call to the home screen

general key command_3 (browser 1 tips)

space (press twice) ===== (.) period insert
until the capitalized letter appears, hold the letter key ===== letter capitalize/block
alt + left shift ===== num lock
alt + right shift ===== caps lock
shift ===== turn off num lock/cap
space ===== insert a sign (@)/(.)
shift + roll the trackball ===== text highlight
shift + roll the trackball left/right ===== text character highlight
escape ===== cancel/stop text selection
shift + backspace/delete ===== cut highlighted text
alt + trackball ===== highlighted a text when typing
shift + trackball ===== highlighted text when typing paste
hold a letter + roll trackball ===== scroll through accent symbols, characters, equation & other marks/international
symbol (sym) ===== other sign/symbols

general key command_4 (media shortcuts)

mute ===== a video/song pause/resume
r ===== rotate picture
i ===== zoom in
o ===== zoom out
w ===== original size

general key command_5 (browser 2 tips)

space ===== add/insert a (.) period
shift + space
===== add/insert a slash symbol/mark (/)
===== browser options open
===== web page loading end/stop
===== browser hide
===== browser close
===== view/display the address for a link, highlight a link
shift + space
===== forward a screen, move
===== a previous screen, move
===== a specific page, move
===== home page return
===== bookmarks open
===== a bookmark add
===== web pages view/display recent
===== refresh/rearrange page
===== view/display page address
===== web page save
===== browser banner hide
===== view/display thumbnail version of a page
===== top of a page move
===== bottom of a page move 

general key command_6 (calendar)
c ===== appointment to-do list/schedule
a ===== agenda view/display change/modify
d ===== change to day display/view
w ===== change to week display/view
m ===== change to month display/view
space ===== move to the next day/week/month
shift + space ===== move to the previous day/week/month
t ===== current date, move
g ===== specific date, move
n or space ===== go to next (day/week/month)
p ===== go to previous (day/week/month)
trackball ===== new entry create

general key command_7
w ===== wap browser
r ===== alarm
t ===== tasks
u ===== calculator
o ===== options
a ===== address book
s ===== search
d ===== notes
f ===== profiles
h ===== help
k ===== lock keypad
l ===== calendar
m ===== messages
b ===== browser
n ===== blackberry messenger
v ===== saved messages
c ===== compose