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Sunday, March 17, 2013

adobe golive 9 keyboard shortcuts

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navigation/links views
what happen
left arrow/right arrow/ up arrow/down arrow
x-direction select next file
toggle partial tree from selection and move to center
ctrl + home
select top-level references
select first sibling
select last sibling
enter/double click
open the selected references
hand tool for scrolling
type any character
select the reference with matching text
shft + click
toggle zoom between 100% and 200%
shft + drag
zoom in on selected area
ctrl + up arrow
start a partial tree from selection
ctrl + down arrow
toggle expand button
shft + up arrow
add parent to selection
shft + down arrow
add children to selection
ctrl + left arrow
select previous sibling or jump to nearest item to the left of selection
ctrl + right arrow
select next sibling or jump to nearest item to the right of selection
ctrl + up arrow
select the closest item above selection
ctrl + down arrow
select the closest item below selection